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Updated November 2016

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Search on the deep web

Ahima.fi (clearnet) – Best Tor search engine all around. Browse the deep web markets and more.
Onion Spider – List of working Onion links!
Not Evil – .onion only search engine!!!
TorSearch – Search engine for Tor webpages.
TORCH – Search engine for Tor webpages.
Grams – Search engine for Tor webpages. You can search any product to buy.

Premium financial services

NetAuth – Automatic system to buy Paypal accounts and credit cards instantly in your e-mail. Socks5 included.
7yearsInTibet – Fully automated PayPal & Credit card market site. Fresh stock every 2 days. Best deals.
BlockChain – Get your free bitcoin wallet and look all Bitcoin transactions.
ThePaypalCenter – Live Paypal accounts with good balances – buy some, and fix your financial situation for awhile.
TechShop – Apple store, smartphones, cameras, tablets, notebooks, etc.
LocalBitcoins (clearnet) – LocalBitcoins.com: Fastest and easiest way to buy and sell bitcoins.

Darknet markets

GUNS DARK MARKET (Alphagun) – Guns market to buy guns, full auto assault rifles, pistols, grenade launchers, etc.
Alphabay – Best market on the deep web: drugs, ebooks, and much more.
Drug.Show – Buy the best drugs at bargain prices! Cannabis, opioids, stimulants, ecstasy and many others! Full Escrow.
Pharma Drugs – Drugs Store to buy drugs, cocaine, cannabis, ecstasy, etc. You can buy counterfeit money too.
Dream Market – Featured anonymous market platform. Escrow system to prevent fraud actions.
DHL – DHL is trying a different approach to the market platform.
Drugs4You – Drugs and Medicines from Germany – Weeds, XTCs, MDMA, Cocaine, Crystal Meth, Speed…
Hansa – HANSA is a marketplace with the primary focus on minimizing scam opportunities for vendors.
Alphabay (registration) – If you are a net Alphabay user, use this link to sign up.
Outlaw Market – Is an open registration darknet market. PGP is enforced and Two form authentication is optional. Finalise early is allowed.
Silkkitien – Is a darknet market.
UnderGround – One of the best and reliable market place with payment in two times
The Majestic Garden – Is an open registration darknet market. It only allows finalize early.
Tochka – A new kind of simple, mobile-ready, anonymous & decentralized market.
Bloomsfield – Bloomsfield takes the privacy of it is users seriously. PGP enforced.
RuTor – Russian market.
Red dark net – Red dark net forum
Ramp (Russian Anonymous Marketplace) – Is a darknet market.
Crypto Market – Another drugs marketplace.
TorPharm – #1 First darknet pharmacy selling only a real medicines. No prescriptions.
Russian SR – Russian market that tries to be the new SilkRoad.
French Dark Net – A French market.

Other financial services

Counterfeiting Center – A Store to buy passports, idcards, credit cards, offshore bank accounts, counterfeits money
Xcrowbits – Escrow service
Dark Mamba – Private Military Company – Dark Mamba is a private military company
Fixed matches – Best fixed matches and pronostics on the deep web.
Professional Escrow Service – Escrow service with multisig
Dark Wallet – all-in-one secure wallet to store, send, receive, buy, sell, convert and exchange bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies
Ultimate Escrow – Escrow service
hasnoname – Cloned credit cards. Not risk free, not automated, no balance guarantees etc..
Moneybook – The darkweb Facebook of money. Now with anon posting.
Grams Helix – Clean coins in 30 minutes
Pay Shield – Another fine SIGAINT service.
Bitcoin Fog – Bitcoin anonymization taken seriously.
Brave Bunny – Online Wallet and bitcoin Mixer.
Bitmixer – High volume bitcoin mixing service
BTCmix – bitcoin wallet and bitcoin mixing service.
Bitlaunder – BitLaundry – For all your Bitcoin washing needs.
CleanCoin – CleanCoin has an established reserve of Bitcoin from thousands of sources.
BTCwash – low Fee mixing service (fee 0.2%)
Apple – Selling iPhones, iPads and consoles.
Premium Water LLP – Premium Water Austrian Origin
buy ddos layer 7 cloudflare prolexic – bring down any website guaranteed alphabay escrow accepted powerful ddos service
Akvilonom Store – Marketplace with brand-new electronics, stolen from a big warehouse: Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, HTC, Google, Asus etc
Bitcoin Blender – Mixing service
Selfhost your .onion – Don’t pay anymore for hosting .onion websites, you already have all you need at home to do this ! We made a special pack to easily host .onion on your personnal computer. It includes simply tools and exclusive tutorials.
krainka – Best markets~ krainka }
Stock Insider – Stock Insider is a community for people to exchange insider information of publicly traded companies. It will be much safer to use information from other community members instead of your own for trading.
Uncut Cocaine High Quality Fishscale Flakes – Uncut Cocaine High Quality Fishscale Flakes
Lester Services – This is a site that offers contacts for a price, Lester is a fixer in the contact sense.
Forgery Store – Buy passports, ID cards, credit cards, offshore bank accounts, counterfeits money and lot more!
Guttenbergs Counterfeit Factory – Counterfeit Euro and USD. These bills are passing all known tests.
RanSumBin – Well, if you’re here.. you’re either fucked; or fucking someone up. Either way, welcome to our site!
NowPal – The only PayPal seller that’s actually good
OnionName – Buy a readable .onion domain with any keyword. Also available as onionname.com in Clearnet.
Apples4Bitcoin – Cheap Apple products for Bitcoin
Bitcoin Fog – Mixing service
European CardShop – Cheap Creditcards, PayPal Accounts, Vouchers and more!
EasyCash – Bulk sale of PaySafe / Skrill / PayPal accounts
Hidden Wallet – Tor Anonymous Hidden Bitcoin Wallet
EasyCoin – Bitcoin Wallet with free Bitcoin Mixer.
OnionWallet – Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet and Bitcoin Laundry
PayPal Unlocker – Automated PayPal vendor
Bitmixer.io – High volume bitcoin mixing service (Tor Version)
HQER – High quality euro bills replicas / counterfeits
Onion Identity Services – Selling Passports and ID-Cards
USJUD Counterfeits – EUR || USD Counterfeit money, any trusted escrow accepted, the most trusted seller.
USA Citizenship – Become a citizen of the USA, real USA passport
Fake Passport ID sale – Good website selling qualitative EU/US/AUS/CAN fake passports, ID cards, driver’s licenses.
Fake Bills – Fake bills in Euro/dollar. Cheap price, shipping worldwide.
Bitiply! – Multiply Your Bitcoins Through Bitcoin Malleability Exploit!
Double your Bitcoins – Service that doubles your Bitcoins.

Safe email providers

Sigaint – Another widely used mail provider. You will obtain a @sigaint.net address.
TorBox – Another free email service. It does not seem trustable, i would not use it.
Mail2Tor – Mail2Tor is a free anonymous e-mail service to protect your privacy.
Daniel E-Mail – You will have 5MB of disk space available for your mails. Please clean it up regularly or use a POP3 client to download messages and delete them on the server
TorBay – TorBay is a new Social Marketplace that wishes to create a community as well as a full-proof way for Users to Buy.
Lelantos Your private email service – Lelantos is a non-profit organization that believes in an individual’s right to privacy. Our top priority is your anonymity, privacy and security.
Safe-mail.net (clearnet) – Safemail is used by a lot of users in the deep web. Now it has closed registration.


BitIt – A gallery in which you can see images, buy them in hi-resolution and sell your own pics.
HELPU – File hosting and chats…
File uploads on daniels hidden service – Upload any file up to 25MB. No CP though.
TorVPS – Buy an VPS or get a free VPS for hosting your new .onion proyect.
CYRUSERV – Hosting service with an emphasis on security, open for business again.
TorShops – Create your own .onion website! Server setup is a little bit expensive.
Real Hosting – Host your own .onion domain. Support for Apache, PHP5 and MySQL.

Blogs, Forums and IRC

UnderDir – The Undernet Directory
Best HQ Onion Directory – Directory of onion links with ratings, descriptions and warnings for every site.
DeepPaste – Simple Pastebin clone
Hacking Enzines – Some good and old hacking Enzines to read, a lot of ’em (but not all) are from the 80s and 90s.
Jiskopedia – A multilingual wikipedia for Tor and I2P networks.
The Intel Exchange – Now or need to know something? Ask and share at this underground intelligence gathering network.
Sinbad – Search machine
Strategic Intelligence Network – The Strategic Intelligence Network goal is to provide intelligences, ressources and tools to be prepared and to respond to crisis situations anywhere you are in the world.
Facebook – Most popular social networking site Facebook. Despite Facebook being known for violating privacy, it actually does have a .onion address where users can easily set up fake personas.
Beneath VT – Information on the steam tunnels at Virginia Tech.
Torduckin – BBS with chat and IM to support
Deepweb Radio – Deep web radio, hear the songs of the deep web!
Royal Brasil – Fórum brasileiro que aborda diversos assuntos.
Daniels Chat – A chat room about anything and everything.
Galaxy 2 A Social Network – A revival of the old Galaxy community.
BlackBook – Social media site (The facebook of TOR)
DeepDotWeb – Mostly news on Tor and other related Things.The officiaL onion version of the clearnet site.
Daniel’s Chat – There is no specific topic. You can talk about anything respecting the !rules. Type !commands for a list of commands for common requests come with PM to.
ChatTor – Serving Tor since August 12th, 2015 Public and Private chat rooms.
DarkNet Bücherei – Deutsche Bücher und Zeitschriften kostenlos.
The Stock Insiders – The community of gentlemen who can exchange Insider Information about the Publicly Traded Companies.
TorStack – The Q&A Community
Clube dos Mercadores – Forum de compra e venda Brasileiro
hidden files access – Some crazy hacker got access to some hidden files hidden deep in the Darknet and hosted them on this website.
DimensionX – Krang Blog and Services. Tor news from Poland.
Time to Confess – A website to confess all secrets while being completely Anonymous and all being to view all others secrets confessed.
Suki – A intelligent Bot to chat with
ParaZite1 – Illicit activities advocacy and censored information archive.
Keys open doors – PS3 hacking tools
French Freedom Zone – FFZ – French Freedom Zone is a new international community made by french.
Thunders Place – The big penis and mens sexual health source, increasing penis size around the world.
3D Boys – To 3D Boys – a community for artists and viewers alike.
Hell forum – The deep web hacking forum. A community where criminals can share, learn and make money.
Madrid Train – Madrid Train Bombings March 11th 2004 banned in Spain?! gore site
Torbook – Orbook is a Facebook like social network service for Tor network. It is an awesome site for deep web surfers!
ParaZite2 – Illicit activities advocacy and censored information archive.
Tinybb4 – An open forum of short messages where you can find anything.
Code:Green – Ethical hacktivism for a better world



Pinkmeth – ex pictures from girl
xplay – All categories of adult videos. Complete anonymity.
Celebrity Underground – Nude celebs
Mega Tits Collection for sale – Biggest big tits collection available on the darknet
sumo gaylords – gay
German housevives – We are real german woman and like to have dirty horny sex.
Guro Manga Compilation – gore manga
Real Incest Videos – Real Incest Videos. Familly Porn. Mom and Son Private videos.
Dark scandals – On this site we offer a lot of real blackmail, real rape, real forced and a lot more rare videos of girls.
susan wayland – latex porno
Live Hardcore shows from Bangkok – Bangok live hardcore fuck
Pee pictures – Pictures of girls peeing.
madama porn – no cp normalo porno
vault of sex and dead – We offer the best collection of real SNUFF and authentic RAPE PORN Pictures and Video Clips.
Sexy cannabis girls – Yes drug women
darknet japanese – The new DARK WEB Site is a huge improvement over its original site, particular with the addition of original Heroine Rape videos.
XXX Porn Dark Web Repository – okay site